• To walk with my clients is a a labor of love.    - David McKnight MS, LMFT


    I truly enjoy working with men, women and couples to help them move from feeling stuck to living a more rewarding, more abundant and satisfying life.


    It has been said that it isn’t what you have in your life that’s important, as much as who you have in your life.


    My clients tell me having a caring, nonjudgmental person in their life, who truly listens, makes all the difference.


    I think that is where a therapeutic relationship is extremely valuable. It allows a person to see things, experience things and learn things in a very unique and valuable way.


    Walking along with my clients, through whatever they are facing, is truly a privilege.


    - David McKnight MS, LMFT

  • David McKnight's Counseling Services


    David McKnight, featured in Psychology Today is a unique therapist that brings a wealth of experience and insight to his approach to therapy.


    He has over 18 years of experience helping people work through issues such as relationship, marital and/or family issues, addiction (drugs, alcohol, impulsive spending, sex/love addiction and other impulse control issues), depression, anxiety, obsessions/compulsions, anger, chronic pain and/or illness, grief/loss issues and many others.


    He also has been personally active in the recovery community for over 30 years which gives him tremendous depth, personal insight and wisdom that he can pass on to his clients. He has a powerful way of connecting with people and getting to the underlying causes and helps clients effectively navigate their way to a new, more valuable, meaningful and satisfying life.


    David will meet you where you are, not where anyone else thinks you need to be. He can help you find out where you want to go and then help you to map out a plan to move effectively in that direction at your own pace.


    Therapy’s primary value comes through the healing that happens in a healthy, nurturing relationship that is free of judgement and bias. Once a therapeutic bond has developed, the client has a unique opportunity to heal and grow through whatever has been blocking their life. Therapy in some ways is like exercise. Done consistently, over time, amazing things can happen. A whole new, beautiful person can emerge.


    More about David McKnight MS, LMFT

    David has a polite, respectful manner that puts people at ease quickly. He fell in love with psychology and counseling while in college and was put on the Dean’s List for his academic performance while he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from California State University at Long Beach.


    He went on to complete his Master’s degree in Counseling with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. He has worked at several well renowned mental health out patient programs in the greater Los Angeles area and has a rich background of experience working with various populations. He maintains valuable connections with a large network of mental health and medical professionals in his current private practice.


  • Services and Fees

    45 Minute individual and 50 minute family sessions are $175.* The therapist will send a claim to your insurance company electronically for reimbursement after payment has been made and sessions completed. Phone and video conferencing sessions are also available (which are billed at the same rate as in person sessions). Please, speak with the therapist for information on special fees for sessions that are shorter or longer than 45 minutes.    

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